Yoga Retreat Testimonials

In general, limitations, life-long side effects and vulnerabilities imposed by surgeries and cancer treatments are a kept secret. When the treatments are finished, you get to go home, alone, to sort out the mess. During my own recovery, I observed that yoga helped me in ways I did not anticipate. It continues to be my personal powerful tool of survival, or, as I now call my thrival.
– Marla Thomas

The survivor yoga retreat was been an emotional and physical bridge to my recovery. This kind of support cannot be found in a ” regular” retreat.
– Andrea

The retreat was a safe place to share with others surviving cancer and guide my new body and mind in the journey that is recovery. I don’t have to worry about bringing up what I’ve gone through because I am surrounded my people who understand. Even in silence they understand.
– Lisa Barnes

I’m feeling so peaceful and inspired from the retreat. You all made us feel like queens, never mind princesses! The yoga and meditation were so meaningful, practical. The surroundings were delightful, and the food and service so beautiful and generous. The memories, the influence, the friendships fostered from the Sisterhood, will last a lifetime.

From the bottom of my toes and heels through my yogic spine, to the fullness of my heart, thank you.
– Mary Jo

Yoga surprised me – after three days of practicing yoga my body feels amazingly better, I am getting up and down with less pain.
– Wanda Crumlin

My body feels wonderful. The problem that I thought I had with raise my arms for a period of time was not there during the retreat and it has not appeared since the retreat. I plan to attend the next retreat. Yes, I have been practicing the techniques at home and work and they are still working for me!
– J. Manley

I have gained so much from taking part in this retreat. Realizing that you are not alone, and the hope of a bright future from seeing so many “long term” survivors as well…Encouragement to start taking time to care for yourself, and maintain a healthy / enjoyable lifestyle that will encourage continued healing – both physically and mentally…Inspiration to get out and try to find ways to support / help others in their journey.
– Christie K.

It is very hard to say what the best part of the retreat was, but probably the collegiality amongst the participants. But if all of the other pieces were not there, it wouldn’t have happened. I loved every minute of it ~ but the staff and participants touched my heart. It is an experience that will be kept forever in my memory. I have never been treated so well, met such wonderful, brave, funny women. I have never laughed so much about breast cancer. I left feeling less like an “oddball” and more like others. I left feeling like sharing my disease rather than hiding it from others.
– Becky B.

The entire retreat was amazing! But the love, compassion and caring that was shown by all of the people there – administrative and participant was overwhelming! I have made a lot of new ‘forever friends’, learned that a lot of the issues that I face are very common. The retreat was a First Class event and the opportunity of a lifetime. It has permanently changed my life and I cherish every second that I spent there.
– Beverly S.

The best part of the retreat was the opportunity to be with other women who understand the devastation and rebirth of breast cancer. Through this experience, I have begun to make peace with my cancer.
– Joanne P.

Having “an away weekend” just for me was wonderful! This “time away” from home, family, friends, work and my routines gave me the mental space to feel things that I don’t usually have time to feel. –‘In the silence of not doing I begin to know how I feel’-I love that saying (not sure who said it)-but it rang so true for me that weekend.
– Kelley M.

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