We are thrilled to announce the first annual recipients of the Kelly Considine Scholarship!


Nancy Gross – Forest Hills, New York

For Nancy, y4c classes provides a space where her mind and body can relax. She always feels calmer and less stressed after yoga class. Nancy volunteers for ‘You Can Thrive’, an organization that offers holistic services for breast cancer survivors and she is also a member of the Peace of Heart Choir.


Veronica Lawrence – New York, New York


Originally from Brazil, Veronica has found that yoga helps keep her mind, body and soul healthy and strong. Her goal is to eventually become a y4c teacher so she can help others, especially women in Brazil, where the belief still exists that breast cancer survivors should not do any physical activity.


Megan McKee  Rockland, Massachusetts


Megan has been practicing yoga on and off for about 4 years, she takes refuge in the fact that she leaves class knowing that she is stronger than she thought.  She will use the scholarship to work with a cancer aware teacher who can help her modify her existing practice, while she regains her strength.  She hopes this will help her retain her vitality and strength, gain insight, and keep her grounded and living in the present.

Gloria Balcacer – Bronx, New York

Gloria hopes to regain her strength, stamina and range of motion. She appreciates being part of a regular yoga practice with other loving women who have survived cancer. In her community, she is a beacon of hope that cancer can be beaten.


Allison Ayelet Kreiger – Washington, D.C.

Allison Kreiger

As both a yoga teacher and psychotherapist, Allison has extensive experience and a great interest in both the yoga and cancer communities. Allison currently teaches meditation and yoga classes in both yoga studios as well as in non-commercial spaces.  She also runs workshops on Yoga for Stress and Anxiety as well as Yoga for Insomnia. Her classes already draw from different socio-economic, race, and ethnicity and hopes that the y4c Teacher Training will enable her to provide therapy to cancer patients and survivors while emphasizing the mind-body connection.  Allison is also involved with the Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research and their work regarding the BRCA 1 and 2 genes.

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